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Situated in northern India amidst the lower Himalayan ranges, Himachal Pradesh is a breathtaking state that is an idyllic amalgamation of lush green valleys, glacial mountains, dense forests and clear rivers. Apart from this, the rich culture, delicious food, adventure sports, and colonial past attracts all tourists here. A complete treat for adventure seekers, families, honeymooners and solo travelers, the state’s many cities have a lot to offer for tourists and locals alike.
The earliest known inhabitants of the region were tribals called slaves. Later, the Aryans came and assimilated into the tribes. In later centuries, the hill chieftains accepted the suzerainty of the Maurya Empire, the Kausanas, the Guptas and the Kanauj rulers. During the Mughal period, the kings of the hill states made certain mutually agreed arrangements that governed their relations. In the 19th century, Ranjit Singh annexed many states. When the British came, they defeated the Gurkhas and made treaties with some kings and annexed the kingdoms of others. The situation remained more or less unchanged until 1947. After independence, 30 princely states of the region were united and Himachal Pradesh was formed on April 15, 1948. With the recognition of Punjab on November 1, 1966, there were also some territories related to it.


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Himachal Pradesh is included. Himachal Pradesh was made a full-fledged state on 25 January 1971. The state is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir in the north, Punjab in the west and south-west, Haryana in the south, Uttarakhand in the south-east and China in the east.

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