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About Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is a great tourist destination and is appreciated all over the world for its incredible natural beauty. Full of mountain peaks, lush green valleys, sparkling lakes, temples, beautiful gardens and flowers, this state has inspired poets for centuries and has been the shooting site of countless films.

Kashmir is surrounded by streets and quaint wooden bridges lined with poplar trees; and is home to bustling markets, Sufi temples and forts. Also, the charm of the delicious Kashmiri cuisine and apples and walnuts from the lush green orchards surrounding it.

In winter, Kashmir is covered with soft snow whose white sheen adds to the beauty of the place, and skiers make their way to its famous slopes. And in summer, as the snow melts, and flowers bloom in the meadows, it looks like an artist’s canvas.

The other part of Kashmir, Jammu is situated on the banks of the ancient Tapi River. It is dotted with hundreds of temples.


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From the popular Hindu pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi, which is located nearby, to scores of religious structures set in picturesque surroundings, Jammu is the ideal destination to set off on a temple trail and soak in the spiritual vibes.

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